The Italian Society of Fish Pathology (SIPI) was founded in 1987 in Padua. SIPI has the purpose of promoting, encouraging and developing studies on aquatic animals pathology and related topics. Moreover, SIPI is actively involved in the creation of national and international networks involving researchers, stakeholders and institutions, in order to promote and coordinate the interactions among them.

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Directive Council

Dr. Andrea Gustinelli (President)  see CV
Prof. Fabio Marino (Vice President) 
Dr. Anna Toffan (Secretary)  see CV
Dr. Andrea Fabris (Councelor) see CV
Dr. Paolo Pastorino (Councelor) see CV
Dr. Tommaso Scanzio (Councelor) see CV
Dr. Donatella Volpatti (Councelor) see CV


Dr. Paola Beraldo
Dr. Amedeo Manfrin


Dr. Manuela Dalla Pozza
Prof. Marialetizia Fioravanti
Dr. Prearo

How to join the SIPI

    I ask to be admitted as Member to the Italian Society of Fish Pathology (SIPI). I declare to be informed about the Statute of the Society and I declare to respect it and the decisions taken by the Corporate Bodies; moreover, I also agree to pay regularly the annual fee for the association within the deadline foreseen in the Statute.

    The payment of the quote (30 euros for students and un-permanent staff, 50 euros for permanent staff) should be provided by bank transfer to the following account:
    Società Italiana di Patologia Ittica
    Agency of Ponte San Nicolò (PD)
    Unicredit Bank
    IBAN: IT97K0200862770000104743560

    I declare to be informed about the Privacy Policy and I agree to receive the information requested.

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